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Giving Back - Giving Hope

We believe in Giving Back and Giving Hope 

While we strive to make fashion-forward products, we also pride ourselves in making an impact in this world.

Very often in life we realize how privileged we actually are and how grateful we can count ourselves for what we have - especially in dynamic times like these. 

OMID means HOPE / WISH: We hope our beautiful and fun products brightens your day and give you a feeling of joy. Simply by purchasing some of your favorite items, you can make a change in someone's life and be part of giving hope / giving back

Everything in life needs balance - That's why for each OMID purchase made, 10% of profits will be donated to projects around the globe.

Click on the Logos below to learn more about the current projects:


We are hopeful that with your Support - the list and our contributions will grow. After all, "Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not". 

Find Hope - Give Hope